Buy the Best Beetlejuice Costume and Makeup Guide

The Beetlejuice costume typically includes a black and white striped suit, a disheveled white shirt, a thin black tie, and a wild, messy wig that mirrors the character’s unruly hair. The black and white color scheme is a signature look for Beetlejuice and adds to his eccentric and supernatural appearance.

To complete the transformation into Beetlejuice, makeup can be applied to create the character’s ghostly and ghastly features, including pale skin, sunken eyes, and a menacing grin. Accessories such as a moldy, tattered top hat or a fake shrunken head can enhance the costume and add extra flair.

Beetlejuice costumes have remained popular over the years, and enthusiasts often enjoy putting their creative spin on the character. Whether it’s for Halloween, cosplay, or themed events, the Beetlejuice costume continues to be a timeless and beloved choice for those looking to embrace the quirky and otherworldly persona of this iconic character.

Types of Beetlejuice Costumes

There are several types of Beetlejuice costumes that people often recreate for Halloween or costume parties. Here are some variations:

  1. Classic Beetlejuice Costume:
    • This costume typically includes a black and white striped suit with a matching black and white striped tie. The suit can be accessorized with a tousled white wig, messy greenish makeup, and sometimes a molded latex mask resembling Beetlejuice’s face.
  2. Wedding Suit Beetlejuice Costume:
    • Beetlejuice is seen in a disheveled, mossy-green wedding suit during the wedding scene in the movie. This costume includes a greenish-tinted suit, a green tie, and messy hair. Makeup can be used to create the undead look, with pale skin and dark accents around the eyes.
  3. Shrunken Head Beetlejuice Costume:
    • Inspired by the scene where Beetlejuice pulls off his head and shrinks it, some costumes feature a headpiece that mimics this effect. The costume may include a black and white striped suit or a more tattered and decayed version.
  4. Female Beetlejuice Costume:
    • Some people put a gender-bending twist on the character by creating a female version of Beetlejuice. This might involve a black and white striped dress or suit, combined with the characteristic makeup and wig.
  5. Sexy Beetlejuice Costume:
    • As with many popular characters, there are variations of Beetlejuice costumes designed to be more revealing or sexy. These versions often feature shorter skirts, low-cut tops, or other modifications for a more provocative look.
  6. Child Beetlejuice Costume:
    • Scaled-down versions of Beetlejuice costumes are available for children. These typically include a smaller-sized black and white striped suit, a wig, and age-appropriate makeup.
  7. Couples or Group Beetlejuice Costumes:
    • Some people opt for coordinating costumes with friends or partners. This could involve multiple characters from the Beetlejuice movie, such as Lydia Deetz, or variations of Beetlejuice in different scenes.
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When creating a Beetlejuice costume, it’s common to pay attention to details like messy hair, exaggerated makeup, and the distinctive black and white stripes.


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Beetlejuice Adult Costume

Long sleeve black and white striped jacket, matching pants, and dickie shirt front with attached black tie (costume wig available separately)

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Sexy Beetlejuice Costume Medium
  • Size: Medium
  • 100% polyester
  • Black and white striped dress
  • White fabric and mesh on the chest and center of the skirt
  • Six sewn on gold buttons with chains
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Beetlejuice Corset Costume
  • 100% polyester interlock knit, tricot, satin & knit mesh; 100% polyurethane foam
  • The foam-backed corset has cord lacing at the center back, a satin necktie sewn to the center front
  • Leggings have solid waistband
  • Short-sleeved bolero has a notched collar
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Makeup Guide of Beetlejuice Costume

Creating a Beetlejuice costume involves a distinctive and recognizable makeup look. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you achieve the iconic Beetlejuice makeup:

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Materials you’ll need:

  1. White cream makeup or face paint
  2. Black cream makeup or face paint
  3. Green cream makeup or face paint
  4. Red cream makeup or face paint
  5. Loose setting powder
  6. Makeup sponges
  7. Makeup brushes
  8. Black eyeliner pencil
  9. Red lip liner (optional)
  10. Red lipstick (optional)
  11. Beetlejuice wig (if needed)

Step-by-Step Guide:

1. Prepare your face:

  • Start with clean, moisturized skin.
  • If you have long hair, tie it back or use a wig cap to keep it out of the way.

2. Apply white base:

  • Use a makeup sponge or brush to apply a white cream makeup or face paint all over your face.
  • Ensure even coverage, and blend it into your neck and hairline.

3. Add green accents:

  • With a separate makeup sponge or brush, apply green cream makeup or face paint in irregular patterns.
  • Concentrate the green around the eyes, forehead, and cheekbones, blending it with the white base.
  • Beetlejuice has a decayed and chaotic appearance, so don’t worry about being too neat.
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4. Create dark contours:

  • Use black cream makeup or face paint to create shadows and contours. Apply it in the hollows of your cheeks, around your jawline, and along the sides of your nose.
  • Blend the black with the white and green to achieve a weathered and messy look.

5. Define the eyes:

  • Apply black cream makeup around the eyes, exaggerating the dark circles and adding a messy, smudged effect.
  • Use a black eyeliner pencil to line your waterline and create a smudged, smoky appearance.

6. Add red accents:

  • Apply red cream makeup or face paint in random areas, such as around the eyes and mouth, to mimic irritated or bloodshot effects.

7. Set the makeup:

  • Dust loose setting powder over your face to set the cream makeup and prevent smudging.

8. Optional lips:

  • Line your lips with a red lip liner for definition.
  • Apply a bold red lipstick if you want Beetlejuice’s lips to stand out.

9. Beetlejuice wig:

  • If you don’t have naturally wild hair, consider wearing a Beetlejuice wig to complete the look.

10. Finishing touches:

  • Mess up your hair for an unkempt appearance.
  • If you have Beetlejuice’s signature black-and-white striped suit, put that on to complete the costume.

Remember, Beetlejuice’s look is intentionally messy and chaotic, so embrace imperfections to capture the character’s unique and eerie charm.

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