Buy the best Ghost Face Costume and DIY Guide

The Ghost Face costume is an iconic and instantly recognizable outfit associated with the horror genre, particularly the “Scream” film series. The costume made its debut in the 1996 horror film “Scream,” directed by Wes Craven and written by Kevin Williamson. The Ghost Face character serves as the primary antagonist in the movie, wearing a distinctive black hooded robe with a white ghostly mask featuring a twisted, elongated scream expression.

Designed to be both menacing and mysterious, the Ghost Face costume has become a symbol of modern horror culture. The simplicity of the costume, coupled with its chilling mask, has made it a popular choice for Halloween and costume parties. The Ghost Face persona has transcended its origin in the “Scream” franchise, and variations of the costume have been used in various other media, including television shows, parodies, and homages in other horror films.

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The enduring popularity of the Ghost Face costume highlights its impact on popular culture and its ability to evoke a sense of fear and suspense, making it a classic choice for those seeking to embody the spirit of horror during spooky occasions.


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Adult Scream Ghost face Costume, Black, One Size
  • Scream mask
  • Robe – hand wash in cold water, do not use bleach, line dry, do not iron. Mask-wipe with a damp cloth.
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Teen Ghost Face Costume
  • Scream mask
  • Robe – hand wash in cold water, do not use bleech, line dry, do not iron. mask-wipe with a damp cloth.
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Kids Halloween Cosplay Costumes,Grim Reaper Halloween Costume with Glowing Red Eyes,Scythe and Chain

Unique design: The Grim Reaper Costume has a unique design that includes red eyes, sickles, and chains. The red eyes also do not require adapters, and when your friends see you wearing this outfit, they will scream in horror

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DIY Guide of Ghost Face Costume

Creating a DIY Ghost Face costume, inspired by the iconic Scream movie, can be a fun and straightforward project. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you make your own Ghost Face costume:


  1. Black Hooded Robe:
    • Start with a basic black hooded robe as the base for your costume. You can find one at a costume store, or you might even have one at home.
  2. White Mask:
    • Purchase a plain white mask. The Ghost Face mask typically has a long, pointed shape with black eyes and a screaming mouth. You can find these masks at costume stores or online.
  3. Black Fabric or Cloth:
    • Get some black fabric or an old black bedsheet to create the flowing sleeves. Cut the fabric into wide strips and attach them to the sleeves of the robe to achieve the iconic Ghost Face look.
  4. Black Gloves:
    • Find a pair of black gloves to complete the outfit.
  5. Black Shoes:
    • Wear black shoes to match the overall color scheme.
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  1. Prepare the Robe:
    • If the robe isn’t already black, you may want to dye it using fabric dye or spray paint. Make sure to follow the instructions on the dye or paint for best results.
  2. Attach Black Fabric to Sleeves:
    • Cut the black fabric into strips, and attach them to the sleeves of the robe. This will give the costume a more flowing and eerie appearance.
  3. Mask Modification:
    • If the white mask doesn’t already resemble the Ghost Face mask, you can modify it by painting the eyes and mouth black. Use a reference image from the Scream movies to get the details right.
  4. Complete the Look:
    • Put on the black gloves and black shoes to complete the costume. Make sure everything is secured and comfortable.

Optional Additions:

  1. Fake Blood:
    • If you want to add a scary touch, you can splatter fake blood on the robe or mask. Make sure to do this in a controlled manner, and use washable fake blood to avoid staining.
  2. Voice Changer:
    • For an extra spooky effect, consider using a voice changer or an app to mimic the Ghost Face voice from the movies.

Remember to be mindful of safety, especially when using any materials that might obstruct vision or breathing. Have fun creating your Ghost Face costume!

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