Buy the Best Grimace Costume and DIY Guide

The Grimace costume is a distinctive and recognizable outfit associated with the character Grimace, who is a fictional character created by the fast-food chain McDonald’s. Grimace is one of McDonald’s most iconic and enduring mascots, known for his large, amorphous purple body and friendly demeanor.

The Grimace costume typically features a full-body purple jumpsuit or costume that covers the wearer from head to toe. The costume is designed to resemble Grimace’s jovial and slightly clumsy appearance, with a bulbous body and a wide, toothy grin. Grimace is often depicted with two short arms and two large, expressive eyes.

This costume is often used for promotional events, advertising campaigns, and public appearances, where individuals dress up as Grimace to entertain and engage with the public, especially children. The goal is to create a fun and memorable experience for customers while promoting the McDonald’s brand.

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The Grimace character has evolved over the years, initially debuting in the 1970s as a villainous character with multiple arms and a penchant for stealing milkshakes. However, Grimace’s image transformed into a lovable and friendly character as McDonald’s shifted its marketing strategy. The Grimace costume remains an integral part of McDonald’s promotional efforts, contributing to the brand’s recognition and appeal.


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DIY Guide of Grimace Costume

Creating a Grimace costume can be a fun and creative DIY project. Grimace is a character associated with McDonald’s, known for its purple color and unique shape. Here’s a basic guide to help you make your Grimace costume:

Materials Needed:

  1. Purple Fabric:
    • Purchase enough purple fabric to cover your entire body. Fleece or felt can work well for this project.
  2. Foam:
    • Get foam sheets or padding to create Grimace’s rounded body shape.
  3. Headpiece:
    • Styrofoam or foam spheres for the eyes.
    • Purple fabric for the head covering.
  4. Glue:
    • Hot glue gun and glue sticks.
  5. Scissors:
    • To cut the fabric and foam.
  6. Velcro or Zippers:
    • If you want to make the costume easily wearable.
  7. Elastic Bands:
    • For securing parts of the costume, such as around the wrists or ankles.
  8. Black Fabric or Felt:
    • For facial features, such as the mouth.


1. Design and Patterns:

  • Sketch out the design of Grimace on paper, including the shape and dimensions.
  • Create patterns for the body, head, arms, and legs.
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2. Cut the Fabric:

  • Use the patterns to cut the purple fabric for the body parts.
  • Leave extra fabric for seams.

3. Sewing:

  • Sew the body parts together, leaving openings for arms, legs, and the head.
  • If you’re not proficient with sewing, you can use fabric glue or hot glue for simpler attachment.

4. Foam Structure:

  • Cut the foam sheets to match the shapes of Grimace’s body parts.
  • Attach the foam to the inside of the fabric using glue, creating the desired shape.

5. Headpiece:

  • Create a headpiece by covering a Styrofoam or foam sphere with purple fabric.
  • Attach the eyes and facial features using black fabric or felt.

6. Attachments:

  • Attach Velcro or zippers to the openings for easy wearability.
  • Use elastic bands around wrists or ankles to keep the costume in place.

7. Finishing Touches:

  • Add any additional details to enhance the costume, such as Grimace’s three-fingered hands.

8. Test Fit:

  • Try on the costume to make sure it fits comfortably and make adjustments as needed.

9. Painting (Optional):

  • If using foam, you can paint the surface with fabric paint to achieve a uniform color.

Remember, this is a basic guide, and you can modify the steps based on your preferences and creativity. Feel free to add extra details or accessories to make your Grimace costume unique!

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