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The Jeepers Creepers costume is inspired by the iconic antagonist from the horror film franchise “Jeepers Creepers.” The character, also known as “The Creeper,” is a mysterious and malevolent creature that emerges every 23 years to feed on human beings. With a distinctive and chilling appearance, the Jeepers Creepers costume has become a popular choice for Halloween and costume parties.

Ideas and types of jeepers creepers costume

  1. The Creeper Costume:
    • Dark trench coat: The Creeper is often seen wearing a tattered, dark trench coat.
    • Hat: A wide-brimmed hat similar to the one worn by The Creeper in the movies.
    • Gloves: Leather or dark gloves to complete the look.
    • Mask: The Creeper’s face is distinct and can be replicated with a mask or makeup.
  2. Jeepers Creepers Victim Costume:
    • Torn and dirty clothing: Create the appearance of a victim who has encountered The Creeper.
    • Fake wounds and blood: Add special effects like wounds or blood stains for a more gruesome touch.
    • Fearful expression: Carry a look of terror to enhance the victim theme.
  3. Jeepers Creepers Inspired Accessories:
    • Jeepers Creepers logo: Incorporate the movie’s logo into your costume, whether it’s on a shirt, hat, or as a prop.
    • Jeepers Creepers prop: Carry a prop like a severed body part or a bag with The Creeper’s symbol.
  4. Jeepers Creepers Team Costume:
    • Recreate the look of characters who team up to face The Creeper in the movies.
    • Research specific outfits worn by characters and replicate them for a group costume.
  5. Jeepers Creepers Makeup:
    • Create The Creeper’s facial features using makeup. This could include the distinctive eyes and mouth.
    • Use makeup to create a pale and menacing complexion.
  6. Jeepers Creepers Child Costume:
    • Adapt the costume for a child by making it less scary or more age-appropriate.
    • Consider a more playful version of The Creeper for a child’s costume.
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Remember to be mindful of the context and audience when choosing or creating a costume based on horror characters, as some costumes may be too frightening for certain settings or age groups. Always prioritize safety and respect for others while having fun with your Jeepers Creepers costume.


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DIY Guide of Jeepers Creepers Costume

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you make your own Jeepers Creepers costume:


  1. Old, oversized, and tattered brown coat
  2. Wide-brimmed hat
  3. Dark pants
  4. Boots
  5. Long, dark wig (if you want to replicate the character’s hair)
  6. Red contact lenses (optional, for a more authentic look)
  7. Craft foam or latex sheets
  8. Gloves
  9. Scissors
  10. Glue gun and glue sticks
  11. Dark makeup or face paint
  12. Feathers (optional, for additional detail)


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  1. Base Costume:
    • Start with the brown coat as the base of your costume. You can distress it by tearing, cutting, and staining it with watered-down brown paint to make it look old and worn.
  2. Hat:
    • Distress the wide-brimmed hat to match the overall worn appearance. You can add patches, tears, and stains to give it a weathered look.
  3. Pants and Boots:
    • Use dark pants and boots to complete the lower part of the costume. Again, distress them to match the worn and creepy aesthetic.
  4. Hair:
    • If you can’t find a wig that already resembles the Creeper’s hair, you can style a long, dark wig to achieve the look. Messy and uneven strands will add to the eerie vibe.
  5. Mask:
    • Create a mask using craft foam or latex sheets. Cut out the shape of the Creeper’s face, including the eyes and mouth. Paint the mask to match the character’s pale and decaying skin tone.
  6. Teeth:
    • Craft large, menacing teeth using craft foam or by repurposing fake vampire teeth. Attach them to the inside of the mask around the mouth area.
  7. Eyes:
    • If you’re using red contact lenses, wear them to achieve the Creeper’s distinctive red-eyed look. Make sure to follow safety guidelines for wearing contact lenses.
  8. Gloves:
    • Distress a pair of gloves to match the overall worn appearance of the costume.
  9. Feathers (Optional):
    • Glue feathers onto the costume to mimic the bird-like features of the Creeper. Focus on areas such as the shoulders and arms.
  10. Makeup:
    • Apply dark makeup or face paint to your exposed skin, especially around the eyes and mouth, to enhance the creepy and undead appearance.
  11. Final Touches:
    • Put on the costume, including the mask, hat, wig, and accessories. Add any final touches or details to ensure the costume captures the essence of the Jeepers Creepers character.
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Remember to consider safety and comfort when creating and wearing your costume. Enjoy your spooky transformation into the Jeepers Creepers character!


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