Buy the Best Jessie Costume and DIY Guide

The Jessie costume is a tangible bridge to our cherished memories as we enter nostalgia. It’s not merely a set of garments; it’s a conduit to the magic of childhood, a way to reconnect with the spirited adventures and timeless friendships that defined our youth. With every thread and stitch, the Jessie costume encapsulates the spirit of a character whose legacy extends far beyond the animated screen.

Join us on a journey through the intricate details of this iconic ensemble, where each piece serves as a portal to the joyful exuberance of yesteryears. Beyond the denim and cow-print fabrics lies a deeper narrative, a celebration of the enduring charm that has made Jessie a symbol of courage, camaraderie, and the simple joys of storytelling. So, dust off your cowboy boots and get ready to rediscover the enchantment as we explore the timeless allure of the Jessie costumeโ€”a celebration of imagination, friendship, and the enduring power of play.


Type of Jessie Costume

Jessie is a cowgirl doll and a popular costume character, especially during events like Halloween or costume parties. Here are some types of Jessie costumes:

  1. Classic Jessie Costume:
    • This costume usually includes a long-sleeved, white button-up shirt with yellow details.
    • Blue jeans or denim pants.
    • Red cowgirl boots.
    • A red cowgirl hat with a white brim and a yellow ribbon.
    • Optional: A red hair bow or wig to mimic Jessie’s hairstyle.
  2. Deluxe Jessie Costume:
    • This version may include more detailed and higher-quality materials for a more authentic look.
    • Additional accessories include a belt with a large buckle, gloves, and a lasso.
  3. Jessie Toy Story 2 Costume:
    • In the second movie, Jessie has a slightly different outfit with a more vibrant color palette.
    • The shirt may have yellow cuffs and a yellow collar, and the jeans may have a different design.
  4. Jessie Toddler Costume:
    • Specially designed for young children, this costume is usually more comfortable and age-appropriate.
    • It may include a one-piece jumpsuit with easy closures.
  5. Jessie’s Pajamas:
    • For a fun and different look, some costumes replicate Jessie’s pajamas in “Toy Story 2.”
  6. Couples or Group Costumes:
    • Some choose to coordinate their costumes with friends or family, dressing up as characters from the “Toy Story” series.
  7. DIY Jessie Costume:
    • Many people enjoy creating their costumes, using essential clothing items and adding details like patches, buttons, and fabric paint to achieve the Jessie look.
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When choosing a Jessie costume, consider factors like comfort, size, and the specific version of Jessie you want to portray. Additionally, be aware that costume options may evolve.


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Creating a DIY Jessie costume from Toy Story can be a fun and creative project.

Here’s a basic guide to help you make your own Jessie costume:


  1. Cowgirl Hat:
    • Purchase a cowgirl hat from a costume store or online. If you can’t find one, you can also make one using felt or foam.
  2. Shirt:
    • A white, long-sleeved, collared shirt is the base. Look for one with buttons.
  3. Vest:
    • You can make a vest using cow-print fabric or find a pre-made one. Cut the fabric into the shape of a vest and attach it to the shirt.
  4. Jeans:
    • Wear a pair of blue jeans. If possible, add some yellow or brown chaps over the jeans.
  5. Belt:
    • A thick brown belt with a large buckle will work well. You can find toy cowboy belts or make one using fabric and cardboard.
  6. Cowgirl Boots:
    • If you have cowboy boots, those are perfect. If not, brown shoes or boots can work too.
  7. Hair:
    • Jessie has long, red hair in a ponytail. If you don’t have red hair, you can use a wig or temporary hair dye.
  8. Accessories:
    • Optional accessories include a red bandana around your neck and some costume jewelry.
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Optional Extras:

  1. Toy Lasso:
    • Make a lasso using a length of thick rope or yarn.
  2. Sheriff Badge:
    • Create a sheriff badge using yellow construction paper or foam.
  3. Toy Story Patch:
    • You can find Toy Story patches online or make one by printing the logo on iron-on transfer paper and attaching it to the shirt.


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  1. Prepare the Shirt and Vest:
    • If you’re making the vest, cut the cow-print fabric into the shape of a vest and attach it to the shirt using fabric glue or by sewing.
  2. Create the Hat:
    • If you’re making the hat, cut the felt or foam into the shape of a cowgirl hat. Glue or sew the pieces together.
  3. Assemble the Outfit:
    • Put on the jeans, shirt, and vest. Add the belt and boots.
  4. Style the Hair:
    • Style your hair into a ponytail or use a wig. Add a red bandana if desired.
  5. Accessorize:
    • Add any optional accessories like a lasso, sheriff badge, and Toy Story patch.

Remember to personalize the costume based on your preferences and the materials you have available. Have fun creating your DIY Jessie costume!

Can I wear a Jessie costume for events other than Halloween?

Absolutely! Jessie costumes can be worn for costume parties, themed events, conventions, and other occasions where dressing up is appropriate.

Are there group or couples costume ideas that go well with a Jessie costume?

Yes, Jessie can be part of a group or couples costume theme. For example, Woody and Buzz Lightyear from “Toy Story” make great companions for a Jessie costume.

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