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A Mario costume typically refers to an outfit inspired by the iconic video game character, Mario, created by Nintendo. Mario is a beloved and recognizable character who serves as the protagonist in the Super Mario series, one of the most successful and enduring franchises in the history of video games.

The Mario costume is often worn by fans and enthusiasts during various occasions such as Halloween, costume parties, or gaming events. The costume typically includes key elements that make Mario instantly recognizable, such as a red hat with a prominent “M” emblem, a blue overall jumpsuit, a red shirt, white gloves, and brown shoes. Mario is known for his distinctive mustache and pudgy physique, making these features essential for an authentic Mario costume.

Components of Mario Costume

Here are the essential components you’ll need to put together a classic Mario costume inspired by the popular video game character:

  1. Red Hat with “M” Emblem:
    • Start with a red baseball cap.
    • Attach a white circle with a red “M” in the center to represent Mario’s iconic hat logo.
  2. Blue Overalls:
    • Find a pair of blue overalls or coveralls. Mario’s overalls typically have large, yellow buttons on the front.
  3. Red Shirt:
    • Wear a long-sleeved or short-sleeved red shirt underneath the overalls.
  4. White Gloves:
    • Obtain a pair of white gloves. Mario is often depicted wearing gloves, so this is an essential part of the costume.
  5. Brown Shoes:
    • Wear brown shoes or boots to complete the outfit. Mario’s footwear is an important part of his look.
  6. Mustache:
    • If you don’t have a mustache, you can either draw one on with face paint or use a fake mustache that can be attached easily.
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Optional accessories to enhance your Mario costume:

  1. Plumbing Tools:
    • Carry around a toy plunger and/or a toy wrench to play up the plumbing theme associated with Mario.
  2. Mario’s Companion:
    • If you have a friend who can dress up as Luigi, Mario’s brother, it can make for a great duo costume.
  3. Power-Up Items:
    • Consider carrying around power-up items from the Mario games, such as a plush Super Mushroom or Fire Flower.
  4. Sound Effects:
    • To add a fun element, you can use a small speaker to play Mario-themed sound effects or the iconic “Super Mario Bros.” theme music.

Remember, you can get creative and customize your Mario costume based on your preferences and available materials. Adding personal touches can make your costume stand out and reflect your style.


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Types of Mario Costume

Here are some of the notable types of Mario costumes:

  1. Classic Mario:
    • Description: Mario’s traditional red and blue outfit with a red hat featuring an “M” on it.
  2. Fire Mario:
    • Description: Mario gains the ability to throw fireballs and wears a white and red outfit with a white hat when powered up with a fireflower.
  3. Tanooki Mario:
    • Description: Mario can transform into a Tanooki (raccoon-like) form, allowing him to glide and turn into a statue to avoid enemies.
  4. Super Mario Bros. 3 Raccoon Mario:
    • Description: Similar to Tanooki Mario, Raccoon Mario can fly by using a special tail.
  5. Cape Mario:
    • Description: Introduced in “Super Mario World,” Cape Mario can fly and perform a spinning attack with a yellow cape.
  6. Frog Mario:
    • Description: Mario transforms into a frog after touching a Frog Suit, allowing him to swim more effectively underwater.
  7. Penguin Mario:
    • Description: Mario can slide on ice and swim more efficiently when wearing a Penguin Suit.
  8. Cat Mario:
    • Description: Introduced in “Super Mario 3D World,” Cat Mario can climb walls and scratch enemies with a cat-like attack.
  9. Builder Mario:
    • Description: Featured in “Super Mario Maker” games, Builder Mario wears a construction outfit and can use a hammer to break blocks.
  10. Wedding Mario:
    • Description: Mario dons a white tuxedo with a top hat and is featured in “Super Mario Odyssey” during the wedding-themed levels.
  11. Doctor Mario:
    • Description: Mario appears in a doctor’s coat and operates as a physician in the “Dr. Mario” puzzle games.
  12. Metal Mario:
    • Description: Mario becomes metallic and gains resistance to certain attacks in various games.
  13. Paper Mario:
    • Description: A 2D paper version of Mario featured in the “Paper Mario” series, with a distinct flattened appearance.
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These are just a few examples, and there are many more variations and costumes that Mario has worn in different games, showcasing the character’s versatility across various Nintendo titles.

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