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A Minion costume typically refers to a costume inspired by the popular animated characters known as Minions. These lovable and mischievous creatures gained fame through the “Despicable Me” film series, created by Illumination Entertainment. The Minions serve the supervillain Gru and have become iconic for their yellow skin, cylindrical bodies, and distinctive blue overalls.

Minion costumes are popular choices for Halloween, costume parties, and various events where individuals of all ages embrace the fun and whimsical nature of these animated characters. The costume typically includes a yellow jumpsuit or dress, often paired with a pair of large goggles and gloves resembling the Minions’ unique features. Some costumes may also include accessories like shoes, hats, or even inflatable props to enhance the overall Minion look.

Whether worn by children or adults, Minion costumes are a playful and entertaining way for fans to express their love for these endearing characters. The popularity of Minion costumes highlights the enduring appeal of these animated personalities and their ability to bring joy to people of all ages.

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Inflatable Minion Costume for Adults
  • COMFORTABLE ADULT MINION COSTUME – Has mesh air vent and transparent vinyl window, safe and comfy to wear at home or with friends
  • REAL MINIONS INSPIRED COSTUME – For Halloween or at home, this Stuart costume is sure to get likes on social media and in real life
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Bob Minions Costume for Kids, Official Minion Jumpsuit Outfit with Goggles and Hat, Classic Size Small (4-6)

AUTHENTIC MINIONS MOVIE OUTFIT – Bob’s jumpsuit includes faux denim overalls and an attached long-sleeve shirt with a hat and goggles to look like this fun kid character

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Costume Co Women’s Minions Female Costume

Minions movie costumes are available in a range of styles and sizes, perfect for a group or family look

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Types of Minion Costume

There are several types of Minion costumes, reflecting the various characters and styles from the movies. Here are some common types:

  1. Classic Minion Costume:
    • This costume typically features the iconic yellow body with blue overalls, large round goggles, black gloves, and black shoes. The classic Minion costume is based on the general appearance of the Minions from the “Despicable Me” series.
  2. Evil Minion Costume:
    • Inspired by the “evil” or purple Minions from the movies, this costume includes a purple jumpsuit with wild hair and sharp teeth. Evil Minion costumes often have a more menacing and mischievous look compared to the classic Minion.
  3. Minion Maid Costume:
    • This variation of the Minion costume features a maid outfit. It’s a playful twist on the classic look, with the yellow body and blue overalls combined with a maid’s apron, headband, and sometimes even a feather duster accessory.
  4. Minion Pirate Costume:
    • For a nautical theme, there are Minion pirate costumes that include a pirate hat, an eye patch, and other pirate accessories. The basic yellow and blue design is complemented by pirate-themed elements.
  5. Minion Kevin Costume:
    • Kevin is one of the specific Minion characters with a unique look, and costumes based on him will feature his tall, spiky hair and a different outfit compared to the standard Minion. Kevin often wears a tunic or robe-like garment.
  6. Minion Stuart Costume:
    • Stuart is another individual Minion with a distinct appearance. A Stuart costume will have shorter hair compared to Kevin’s and may include additional accessories specific to Stuart’s character.
  7. Minion Bob Costume:
    • Bob is the third main Minion character, and his costume reflects his unique features, such as his different hairstyle and the teddy bear he carries around. A Bob costume may include these distinguishing elements.
  8. Inflatable Minion Costume:
    • Some Minion costumes come with inflatable features, such as an inflatable body or head. This adds a fun and exaggerated aspect to the costume.
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When choosing a Minion costume, consider the specific character you want to portray or the theme of the event. Additionally, accessories like goggles, gloves, and shoes can help enhance the overall Minion look.

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