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“Money Heist,” also known as “La Casa de Papel,” is a Spanish television series that gained international acclaim for its gripping storyline and unique characters. Fans often replicate the Money Heist costumes for various events and Halloween. One aspect that has contributed to the show’s popularity is its distinctive and iconic costumes. The costumes play a crucial role in the series, as each character is assigned a code name and wears a red jumpsuit and a Salvador Dalí mask to conceal their identity during the heist.

The red jumpsuits symbolize the resistance and unity of the group, known as the Professor’s gang, as they execute a meticulously planned heist on the Royal Mint of Spain. The Salvador Dalí masks, inspired by the famous Spanish artist, add an air of mystery and rebellion to the characters. The combination of the red jumpsuit and the Dalí mask has become an iconic and easily recognizable symbol associated with the show.

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Types of Money Heist Costume

Here are some popular costume options based on characters from Money Heist:

  1. The Professor (Sergio Marquina):
    • Red jumpsuit: The iconic red jumpsuit with a hood is the most recognizable element of the Professor’s costume.
    • Dali mask: The show’s characters wear a cover featuring the face of the Spanish surrealist artist Salvador Dalí.
  2. Tokyo (Silene Oliveira):
    • Red jumpsuit: Similar to the Professor’s costume, Tokyo wears a red jumpsuit.
    • Dali mask: Like other characters, Tokyo also wears the Dali mask.
  3. Berlin (Andrés de Fonollosa):
    • Red jumpsuit: Berlin, as one of the main characters, sports the red jumpsuit.
    • Dali mask: Berlin also wears the signature Dali mask.
  4. Rio (Aníbal Cortés):
    • Red jumpsuit: Rio’s costume includes a red jumpsuit.
    • Dali mask: Rio, like other characters, wears the Dali mask.
  5. Nairobi (Sergio Marquina):
    • Red jumpsuit: Nairobi, another essential character, dons the red jumpsuit.
    • Dali mask: like other gang members, Nairobi wears the Dali mask.
  6. Moscow (Agustín Ramos):
    • Red jumpsuit: Moscow, one of the original gang members, wears the red jumpsuit.
    • Dali mask: Moscow also wears the Dali mask.
  7. Denver (Ricardo Ramos):
    • Red jumpsuit: Denver’s costume includes the red jumpsuit.
    • Dali mask: Denver wears the Dali mask as part of the heist ensemble.
  8. Arturo Roman:
    • Business attire: Arturo, initially one of the hostages, can be portrayed in his typical office wear.
    • Optional: A bandage on the forehead, as Arturo suffers an injury during the heist.
  9. Raquel Murillo / Lisbon (Itziar Ituño):
    • Police uniform: Raquel, initially a police inspector, can be portrayed in her police uniform.
    • Optional: Holding a walkie-talkie or other police equipment.
  10. Inspector Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri):
    • Police uniform: Sierra, a key antagonist, can be portrayed in her police uniform.
    • Optional: Wearing the red suit she adopts later in the series.
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Remember to pay attention to details like hairstyles, accessories, and specific character traits to enhance the authenticity of the Money Heist costume. Additionally, variations may exist based on different seasons or episodes so that fans can get creative interpretations of the characters.


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What are the essential components of a Money Heist costume?

The essential components include a red jumpsuit (coverall), a red hood with the Dali mask, and black boots. Additionally, you may want to add a prop gun and a red pouch to complete the look.

Are there different versions of the Money Heist costume?

Can I wear a Money Heist costume for cosplay events?

Absolutely! Money Heist costumes are popular for cosplay events, Halloween parties, and themed gatherings. They are recognizable and often appreciated by fans of the show.


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