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Morticia Addams’ costume typically features a long, form-fitting black gown with a straight silhouette that accentuates her graceful and mysterious demeanor. The gown often has long sleeves and a hem that trails gracefully along the floor. Morticia’s signature style is both sophisticated and eerie, capturing a perfect balance between elegance and the macabre.

To complete the Morticia Addams costume, accessories play a crucial role. Her dark, flowing hair, often styled straight and sleek, contributes to her hauntingly beautiful appearance. Accessories like a choker necklace, perhaps adorned with a fake jewel or a cameo, and long black gloves add a touch of refinement to the ensemble. Morticia’s makeup is typically minimal but emphasizes a pale complexion, dark eyes, and deep red lipstick.

Whether for Halloween parties, costume events, or simply to channel the timeless allure of Morticia Addams, her distinctive costume allows individuals to embody the essence of this iconic character with a touch of eerie elegance.

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Adult Women Morticia Costume, Frightfully Beautiful Halloween Costume
  • Lace paneling in skirt and lace waterfall sleeves
  • Rose and jewelry not included
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Women The Addams Family Morticia Costume Dress

Morticia Addams’s costume includes a black dress with spiderweb mesh sleeves with drapes

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Child Morticia Costume

Fabric type Polyester

  • Includes: Gown
  • Child: SM (4-6), MED (8-10), LG (12-14)
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Types of Morticia Addams Costume

There are various types of Morticia Addams costumes available, catering to different preferences and occasions. Here are some common types:

  1. Classic Morticia Addams Costume:
    • Long black gown: Morticia is often seen wearing a floor-length, form-fitting black gown with long sleeves. The gown typically has a sleek and elegant silhouette.
  2. Movie/TV Show-Inspired Morticia Addams Costume:
    • Some costumes are specifically designed to resemble Morticia’s look from movies or TV shows like “The Addams Family.” These may include details such as lace trims, specific sleeve styles, and other iconic features.
  3. Sexy Morticia Addams Costume:
    • For those looking to add a touch of allure to the character, there are variations of Morticia costumes that emphasize a more provocative or sexy look. These may include slits in the gown, lower necklines, or form-fitting designs.
  4. Plus Size Morticia Addams Costume:
    • Costumes designed to accommodate different body types, including plus-size options, are available. These costumes are tailored to provide a comfortable fit while maintaining the essence of Morticia’s style.
  5. DIY Morticia Addams Costume:
    • Many people choose to create their own Morticia Addams costume by sourcing individual pieces. This could involve finding a long black dress, adding lace details, and accessorizing with items like a long black wig, a black choker, and optional props like a rose.
  6. Child or Teen Morticia Addams Costume:
    • Scaled-down versions of Morticia’s costume are available for children and teens who want to emulate the character’s style. These costumes are age-appropriate and often include accessories suitable for younger wearers.
  7. Couples or Family Morticia Addams Costumes:
    • To create a cohesive look for a group or family, there are variations of Morticia Addams costumes designed to complement other characters like Gomez Addams, Wednesday Addams, and other members of the Addams family.
  8. Accessories:
    • Morticia’s look is often completed with specific accessories, such as a long black wig, a black choker, and sometimes a red rose. These items can be purchased separately to enhance the costume.
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