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The Pennywise costume is inspired by the iconic character from Stephen King’s horror novel “It,” which was later adapted into a popular miniseries and two films. Pennywise is a malevolent entity that takes on the appearance of a sinister clown to exploit the deepest fears of its victims, particularly children. The costume has become synonymous with the chilling and nightmarish aura of the character, making it a popular choice for Halloween and cosplay enthusiasts.

The Pennywise costume typically features a bright red, puffy clown suit adorned with white ruffles, a pom-pom collar, and oversized, exaggerated details. The costume is often completed with a pair of large clown shoes and white gloves. The most distinctive element is the creepy Pennywise mask, featuring a shock of orange hair, a wide grin revealing sharp teeth, and hauntingly eerie eyes. This costume has gained immense popularity due to the enduring fright factor associated with Pennywise and the enduring legacy of the character in horror culture.

Pennywise Costume Components

Here are the main elements:

  1. Clown Suit:
    • Bright red, puffy clown suit with white ruffles and oversized details. The suit is often adorned with colorful accents to create a visually striking appearance.
  2. Collar:
    • A pom-pom or frilly collar adds to the exaggerated and traditional clown aesthetic.
  3. Clown Shoes:
    • Large and exaggerated clown shoes, often in a contrasting color like yellow or white.
  4. Gloves:
    • White gloves complement the overall clown ensemble.
  5. Makeup:
    • While the makeup is not part of a physical costume, it is a crucial element in transforming into Pennywise. This involves a pale face, red lines extending from the eyes, and the iconic red clown nose.
  6. Balloon:
    • A red balloon is a symbolic accessory that is often associated with Pennywise. It can be carried to enhance the character’s eerie presence.
  7. Mask:
    • The most distinctive element of the Pennywise costume is the mask. The mask typically features a shock of orange hair, a wide, sinister grin with sharp teeth, and haunting eyes. Some costumes may also include makeup or a face paint kit to recreate Pennywise’s terrifying facial features.
  8. Optional Accessories:
    • Additional accessories may include fake blood, a prop sewer grate, or a paper boat as nods to key elements from the “It” story.
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Types of Pennywise Costume

There are several versions of the Pennywise costume based on different adaptations. Here are some notable ones:

  1. Original Pennywise (1990 TV Mini-Series):
    • The original Pennywise costume from the 1990 TV mini-series features a colorful clown suit with orange pom-poms, a ruffled collar, and a red balloon. The makeup includes a white face with red lines and a red nose. This version was portrayed by Tim Curry.
  2. 2017 Movie Pennywise:
    • The Pennywise costume from the 2017 movie adaptation of “It” features a more sinister and decayed look. The costume includes a grayish-white clown suit with ruffles and a red balloon. The makeup is more dramatic, with a white face, red lines, and a distinct, unsettling grin. Bill Skarsgård played Pennywise in this adaptation.
  3. Chapter Two (2019 Movie):
    • The 2019 movie “It Chapter Two” features a slightly different Pennywise costume. While the basic elements remain, there are some variations in the design, and Pennywise’s appearance may appear more weathered and menacing.
  4. Alternate Versions and Fan Creations:
    • Fans often create their versions of Pennywise costumes, incorporating different styles, colors, and makeup. Some may draw inspiration from various adaptations or put their unique spin on the character. Creative fans may experiment with different materials and accessories to make their Pennywise costumes stand out.
  5. Classic Clown Costume:
    • Some Pennywise costumes may draw inspiration from classic clown attire, featuring vibrant colors, oversized shoes, and exaggerated features. These costumes may not replicate a specific adaptation but capture the essence of a creepy clown.
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When choosing or creating a Pennywise costume, consider the specific version of the character you want to portray, whether it’s the original TV series, the 2017 movie, or another iteration. Pay attention to details like makeup, costume colors, and accessories to achieve an authentic look. Additionally, personalizing the costume can add a unique touch to make it stand out.

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